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Advanced Disaster
Management Simulator

ADMS, the Advanced Disaster Management Simulator, is the most powerful virtual reality-based emergency response training platform available. It provides emergency responders an opportunity to develop skills in command, control, coordination and emergency communication in a realistic virtual environment in real-time.

Advanced Disaster Management Simulator

Each ADMS scenario can be customized to fit the company, organization or response level.

ADMS can be used to simulate virtually any emergency, including aircraft accidents, terrorist acts, hazardous material spills, airfield incursions, fires, and natural disasters for the purpose of multi-agency coordination, training, planning, testing, and validating emergency plans.

The real-time interactive ADMS at SET features immersive directional sound, large HD screens at each workstation, networked team stations, and radio or VOIP communication system. The progression of the training experience is driven solely by the decision making process of trainees and provides infinite training possibilities.

Emergency Response Training

The ADMS experience emphasizes the following objectives:

Screen captures from Advanced Disaster Management Simulator

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The most advanced and customizable emergency management training system available

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